Exigen a director de CSS que revele nombres de “corruptos”

Domingo Moreno, presidente de la Comisión Médica Negociadora Nacional (Comenenal), dijo que el gremio está de acuerdo con los cambios que desea realizar el director general de la Caja de Seguro Social (CSS), Alfredo Martiz, en la institución, sin embargo, rechaza la generalización que ha hecho al calificar que los médicos no cumplen con su horario de trabajo.

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Calling your husband by name for the first time

Millions of Indian women have never used their husband’s name – it’s a way of showing their respect for him. The tradition is strictly observed in rural areas, though much less so in cities. Now, however, some campaigners are urging women in villages to give it up too. READ FULL STORY HERE….

Children consuming online time ‘like junk food’

Parents must intervene to stop their children overusing social media and consuming time online “like junk food”, the children’s commissioner has said.

In an interview with the Observer, Anne Longfield criticised the ways social media giants use to draw children into spending more time.

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North Korea says missile test shows all US within range

North Korea has hailed as a success its latest test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), describing it as a “stern warning” for the US.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said the test proved that the entire US was within striking range, state media reported.

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Everything This Usher Story Is Not Telling You About Herpes

The internet has been shook over a story that Usher allegedly passed on herpes to a woman and then had to pay damages to her for failure to disclosure his condition. But there is a lot that this scenario doesn’t tell us and there are several things that you should know about herpes before you go on a witch hunt for those already infected. READ MORE ….