Everything This Usher Story Is Not Telling You About Herpes

The internet has been shook over a story that Usher allegedly passed on herpes to a woman and then had to pay damages to her for failure to disclosure his condition. But there is a lot that this scenario doesn’t tell us and there are several things that you should know about herpes before you go on a witch hunt for those already infected. READ MORE ….

New App for Moms Seeks Friends “Peanut” Matches Mamas

Peanut, a new app created by mom Michelle Kennedy, looks to solve that by providing a platform where moms can meet other moms in their area. Moms sign up, build a profile, select up to three categories to describe themselves (“wine time,” “bookworm,” “single mama,” and “spiritual gangsta” are some of the options), and then find potential matches READ FULL STORY….